0-11 years Program

4 DCFS Inc provides a safe Home for children ages 0-11 yrs. on an emergency short term basis.  The philosophies of the program are trauma informed care and culture as their main objectives.  The intake process is based upon the concept of providing a safe and nurturing home for children when a family is in crisis.  The main philosophy is trauma informed care and revitalizing their cultural surroundings.

4 Directions Child and Family Services Inc. provides care and programming for young children ages 0-11 years, in two different locations:

  1. Mikiwam Iskotew (Home Fire) located in Yorkton, SK; and
  2. Raymond’s House; located in Regina, SK.

Mikiwam Iskotew (4DCFS Homefire) and Raymond’s House can accommodate 10 children at each home with the goal in providing safety and exceptional early childhood programming to ensure children are getting the best care during their stay. While in our programs, young children are actively engaged in age appropriate, developmental programming, cultural and educational activities. We also encourage the involvement and connections with the family.

General Principles:

The children will participate in cultural and community activities in and around our service area. The program development will be on-going and operated to meet or exceed the standards established by comparable programs in Canada.

The program will be culturally supportive in various ways, including access to consultation with elders, the provision of nutritious meals including traditional foods, and voluntary participation in cultural and spiritual activities (as these may be).

The program will also actively solicit and coordinate the participation of the child’s family or caregiver in a regular and meaningful manner.

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