Board of Director’s Goals

To ensure sustainability of the 4 Direction Program (s) by the effective operation of the Board based on sound organization, policies, procedures, and processes.

Organizational Goals

  1. Provide a safe and supportive place for children  whose families are in crisis and youth who are in crisis.
  2. Work with the residents in our care, their family and field worker on case planning and working towards transitioning out of 4 DCFs Inc.’s  program and into a safe  caring home.

Organizational goals are achieved by:

  • Helping the young person to grow in an environment that provides trauma informed care using therapeutic non-violent crisis intervention
  • Assessing  the child/ youth and developing a person-centered care plan for each child and youth that has personal goals and skills to achieve and ways to achieve them
  • Re-establish hope in the life of the child/youth and family.
  • Working toward reconnecting the child or youth and their family and  their home community

Guiding Principles

To meet the stability, strength, resilience, and wellbeing needs of the children, youth and their families who utilize 4 Directions Child and Family Services Inc. programs and services:

  • In a way that considers and incorporates appropriate First Nation and contemporary cultural values and practices.
  • In a way that is feasible and viable given the available resources, existing capacities, existing mandates, and the existing barriers and constraints under current arrangements.
  • Through First Nations and contemporary, culturally relevant services.
  • Delivered by culturally and professionally competent 4 Directions Child and Family Services Inc. (4DCFS) professionals in the best interest of the children, youth, and their families.
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