Do you provide programming for children and youth while they are at your Homes?

4 DCFS Inc. believes it is crucial for children and youth to have access to a variety of programming and activities to keep them busy and to provide learning opportunities.  In a week a child or youth will go to programming directly offered through 4 DCFS Inc. which is focused on cultural activities and teachings often by Elders or knowledge keepers in the community.  They may also attend a local sports event such as a Rider game or a Pats game.  They go to the library and the Home workers will scan the community for events throughout the month that the children or youth can attend.  Often the children and youth will attend activities all together such as a pow wow, feast, rounddance or bowling or laser tag.

How can I refer a child or youth?

We do not accept personal referrals, each request must come from one of the 19 First Nations Child and Family Agencies or the Ministry of Social Services.

If your Agency has referred children or youth to 4DCFS previously, the process will be the same, email a completed referral package to info@4DCFS.ca and someone will contact you asap.  If it is your first time referring a child or youth to 4DCFS, send a request to info@4DCFS.ca for our referral package and then fill it out and send it back to the same email address and someone will contact you.  If it is during business hours – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, you can call the main administration office in Regina at 306.522.1774 and someone will assist you.

What is Fee for Service?

All of the services we provide is based on a set day rate fee for the 0-11 yrs program and the 12-15 yrs program.  There are times when an Agency may be billed for services over and above what our day rate covers but it will always be approved previously by the agency.  We have a Fee schedule that each referring Agency will be provided at time of acceptance of youth, that shows the exact breakdown of the Fees including any additional costs.

How often will we have to pay for services?

4DCFS bills on a monthly basis and we request immediate payment upon receipt of invoice.

Do you do intake after hours?

Yes, 4DCFS provides 24-hour services at the houses.  All referrals can be sent to the info@4dcfs.ca email which is looked at on a continuous basis by 4 DCFS’s Intake Committee for new referrals and someone will reach out to you.

Are you currently hiring?

We do post regularly for persons interested in working full time hours and casual in both of our programs, either the 0-11 yrs or the 12-15 yrs and either in Regina or Yorkton.  You can always send your resume to info@4dcfs.ca and include which program you are interested in and the type of hours you are looking to work.

Does 4DCFS Inc. provide outreach services that includes plans for the child or youth’s transition for your organization?

4DCFS has an Outreach Unit who works with each youth to create goals and a course of action that works toward reunification with parents or kinship.  4DCFS also works with the home community when available to help create access to programming and services the whole family can utilize if reunification does occur.  4DCFS also ensures that there is a transition plan for every child or youth that leaves 4DCFS.  The plan includes a discharge plan, that provides information for continuation of services including any appointments, and where they will be transitioning to.

Does 4DCFS Inc. accept donations?

We have many youth who play a sport or are interested in art or other activities which we would like to provide continuation for them while at 4DCFS.Any gently used or new equipment would be accepted (skates, basketball, padding, football, cleats etc), clothing of various sizes, and new educational supplies would be readily accepted.

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